Digitize Your Nursing School: Reclaim Faculty's Time & Boost Passing Rates

Create weekly exams in 4 minutes using our database of 12,000+ PNLE vetted questions

Drop Quiz Prep Time:

Dramatically reduce CI workload by using our comprehensive-PNLE QuizBuilder®, Saving 10 hours every week per CI!

Retain happier CIs:

No more evening-work, thus lighter loads which lead to happier, more committed CIs who stay with you for years

Increase passing rate

Students immerse in interactive learning with detailed rationales and 1000s of MCQs, priming them for PNLE success and your school for increasing the PNLE passing rate

Don't believe you can create a quiz in less than 4 minutes?

What’s in this for me?

Nursing School Dean

Enhance CIs’ Satisfaction, Grow a stable team

Focus on what’s really important for you as a Dean – higher PNLE passing rate!
Spend less time hiring due to happier, more stable staff, enjoying a much better work life balance

Clinical Instructor

Save Hours, Teach More

CIs save 10 hours a week by using the drag ‘n drop QuizBuilder® and automated test grader, allowing more time for direct student mentorship and reducing burnout

Nursing Student

Boost Learning Confidence

Nursing students gain access to a vast database of exam-ready questions through ConcisePass, enhancing their learning experience and building confidence for the PNLE

Every Minute Counts: Quantifying ConcisePass' Time-Saving Impact

The numbers speak for themselves: Less admin, more wellbeing & Education.

CIs save 10 hours a week on admin work, freeing up precious time for:
Monitor performance and early detect high-risk students –> Intervening critical students and maintaining work life balance ,increasing job satisfaction and CIs retention.


CIs Using


Weekly Quizzes


CIs’ Weekly Hours


Student Assessments Completed


Study Hours using ConcisePass

What our clients say

Empowering Voices: Clinical Instructors and Level Coordinators Share Their ConcisePass Experience

Sir Marco G.

Level-4 CI

“ConcisePass transformed PNLE prep for us. Creating exams and quizzes is now effortless, and the Self-Study module boosts student confidence significantly. It’s not just about ease—it’s about better learning. Truly thankful.”

Ma'am Lourdes

Level-1 LC

“ConcisePass changed how we tackle CI shortages, especially for Level-1. Its MCQs in Health Assessment & Microbiology make quiz creation a breeze, allowing us to focus on teaching, even when understaffed. It’s been a game-changer.”

Ma'am Joselyn

Level-3 Coordinator

“Initially tech-shy, I found ConcisePass daunting. But the team’s patience during our tutorial turned my apprehension into confidence. Now, creating quizzes in OBGYN is not just easy; it’s enjoyable”

Partner Nursing Schools in the Philippines

West Visayas to Mindanao, North Luzon to NCR and Sulu – ConcisePass is serving the Filipino
 Nursing educatino system everywhere

Philippines-Centric Curriculum

All 12,000 MCQs are PNLE-compatible and tailored specifically to meet CHED and PRC requirements and guidelines

Real-Time Analytics:

Cutting-edge analytics dashboard for monitoring student progress and performance. 
Find your high-risk students easily, intervene early!


Seamless Quiz Creation

Create a 10 or 200-items weekly quiz in minutes, by simply choosing out of 12,000 PNLE MCQs, all with full rationalization & references.
Intuitive interface allows creating a quiz in less than 4 minutes!


Track Progress Easily

Quick insights into students’ performance, identify struggles, tailor support

Prevent Educator Burnout

Reduce workload, avoid burnout with our efficient, easy-to-use system


Learn Anywhere

Facilitate learning from any location, supporting diverse educational needs


Here are some of the concise frequently asked questions

How does ConcisePass prevent cheating during online quizzes?

Our platform is equipped with robust proctoring features including randomized question and answer sequences, time-restricted assessments, and in-class supervision capabilities, creating a secure environment that significantly deters cheating.

Can ConcisePass help improve student engagement

Indeed, ConcisePass boosts engagement through interactive study tools, instant feedback, and in-depth rationales for each question, encouraging critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the material.

What if our internet connection is unstable?

ConcisePass has been optimized for low-bandwidth environments, with offline capabilities allowing quizzes to be downloaded ahead of time, ensuring that your assessments run smoothly, irrespective of connectivity issues

How does ConcisePass ensure the privacy of our students' data?

We prioritize the privacy and security of student data, employing encryption and comprehensive data protection practices to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and maintain the trust of your educational community.

Is ConcisePass affordable for our institution?

Absolutely, we offer tailored pricing models for the needs of Philippine nursing schools. With flexible payment options and volume discounts, our platform is a cost-effective investment in your students' success.

How easily can ConcisePass be integrated with our current systems?

ConcisePass features a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with existing educational systems. Our technical support team provides hands-on assistance throughout the integration process for a smooth transition.

Can we customize quizzes to fit our curriculum?

Yes, our platform offers extensive customization features, allowing educators to tailor quizzes and assessments to fit their specific curriculum, enhancing the relevancy and impact of the study material.

What kind of support and training does ConcisePass provide?

We offer detailed training sessions, a comprehensive knowledge base, and dedicated customer support. Our team ensures that both educators and students feel confident and supported as they navigate and utilize the platform.

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